Internship Programs


AGI PRE-BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM: Undergraduates in the biological sciences who plan to pursue a career in research are encouraged to apply to AGI’s competitive Pre-Baccalaureate Summer Training Program. This program draws participants from major colleges and universities, and provides students the opportunity to work side-by-side with AGI scientists during the summer months. Multiple opportunities are offered in the broad areas of scientific research involving Cynomolgous, Rhesus and Capuchin monkeys.  

AGI SUMMER VETERINARY PROGRAM: AGI's Summer Veterinary Program provides students with the opportunity to work closely with AGI veterinarians in the Department of Veterinary Medicine. Participants in this three-month program gain practical experience in clinical practice techniques.

For more information about these programs, please contact AGI at The annual application deadline for both programs is April 30th.